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Maah Daah Hey Mountain Bike Trail
Medora, North Dakota
This trail absolutely rocks!!! I rode the entire thing the summer of 2003 in an epic trip that lasted five days. Granted you do not have to ride the entire trail to enjoy the picturesque riding which includes high plateaus, drainages, gullies, washouts, prairie, and plenty of winding single track to connect it all. Throw some absolutely killer climbs and long decents in the mix and whalla!!!...

Black Butte Adventures
Sawyer, North Dakota
The single track trail at Black Butte Adventures was est in 2005. It flows through some of North Dakota's best native grasses, two creek crossings and a good climb. How to get there: One mile north of Sawyer, North Dakota and two miles east. Additional Notes: Call ahead to make sure the gates are open 701-626-2226. $2/day

Medora, North Dakota
This trail is located in western North Dakota's "badlands", the terrain is a maze of colorful buttes, plateaus with hidden canyons and coulees surrounded by a vast short grass prairie. How to get there: Medora is located just off of Interstate 94 at the western edge of North Dakota.The nearest city is Bismarck at 130 miles to the east. Additional Notes: Riders MUST bypass...

Pioneer Park
Bismarck, North Dakota
This is a fun and challenging trail in Bismarck. The ride likely isn't long enough to justify much of a drive to the trail but if you live in the Bismarck area then it's worth a look. How to get there: The trail is located off River Road in Bismarck.

Sully's Hill
Devils Lake, North Dakota
This area has may trails which pass through both prairie and thick forest. Sully's hill has a network of trails which are groomed and marked by snowmobilers so in the summer it is easier for us mountain bikers. There are may hills which provide for some technical hill climbing and some fun fast downhills. How to get there: From Devils Lake go south on Hwy. 20 which runs into Hwy. 57. ...

The Grear Grinder Trail
Jamestown, North Dakota
Mostly singletrack. Beautiful area-over 7 miles of dirt trails--perfect for all levels of mountain biking. Lots of hills and lots of flat areas. How to get there: Located at McElroy Park just off I 94 Business Loop-behind County Market Grocery-Jamestown, North Dakota Additional Notes: Fun to ride and a great workout. One of the toughest courses in North Dakota

Pipestem Trail Mountain Bike Trail
Jamestown, North Dakota
The trail is an 8 mile loop with short steep climbs and technical downhills. Half of it is single track and the rest is a mowed path. Beginners can stick to the first 4mile outer loop and the next 4 miles will keep the experts entertained.

Buffalo Gap Trail Mountain Bike Trail
Medora, North Dakota
I did an out-and-back ride of about 15 miles in July of 2005. I started at the campground and missed a turn and ended up heading back to Medora. Heading back to Medora was mostly downhill it seemed.

Black Butte Adventures Mountain Bike Trail
Sawyer, North Dakota
Single track trail with some technical built in. Lots of climbing and great scenery with prairie flowers, wildlife and top of the butte views. Small fee/self pay box. Primitative camping in 2006 available.

Sleepy Hollow Mountain Bike Trail
Bismarck, North Dakota
Great singletrack for beginners. Consists of a 4 mile loop. Wooded area closest to Divide Avenue is the most difficult part.

Bison Plant Mountain Bike Trail
Minot, North Dakota
There's a few miles of flat singletrack here. There's a loop that goes around the edge of the property and a few side trails here and there. Always be looking for singletracks taking off here and there. Once you find them all, you can construct a good loop of about 2 - 2.5 miles, mostly singletrack. This is North Dakota, so don't expect any climbs or technical challenges. The good thing is...

Long's X Loop Mountain Bike Trail
Watford City, North Dakota
Unlike the South unit of TRNP, there is no trail allowing mikes to go around the North unit. So you're left with a short MDH out-and-back which can not be connected to the rest of the MDH, of you can head out and make the turn on to the Long's X trail to form a nice loop. Get a copy of the Little Missouri National Grasslands map. Unlike the Medora end, this end of the MDH is VERY remote and...

Prairie Knights Casino Race Course Mountain Bike Trail
Bismarck, North Dakota
There's a surprising amount of climbing here for North Dakota. The prairie rises rather dramatically above the river and the trail designers have done a great job building a challenging route into the limited terrain. Other than the Maah Daah Trail, this is as good as it gets in ND.

Velva Singletrack Mountain Bike Trail
Minot, North Dakota
This is singletrack, but it occupies a narrow strip between the highway and the fence, so it's nothing to get too excited about. There's no trees, no scenery, nothing technical, and only a couple steep, but short climbs/descents. The only benefit is that you can get a good aerobic workout if you push it, especially on the way back toward town as it is a little more uphill and usually into a...

Custer Mine Mountain Bike Trail
Garrison, North Dakota
This area is the result of strip mining and makes for a unique landscape. The terrain is a seemingly endless line of small but steep hills known as mine tailings. Most of these hills are too steep to ride (up) but the valleys between offer a fairly easy path to follow. The area has few trees but high grass and bushes abound. There is no established trail system so you will have to find your own...

KMOT-TV Hills Mountain Bike Trail
Minot, North Dakota
The trail network is located in a valley on the west side of Minot. The east rim has many steep descents leading into the valley while the north entrance is located at the valley base. In areas, thick brush as high as your handlebars makes for difficult riding. Washouts are common. Mostly singletrack with some doubletrack on the more gradual climbs. The trails are hard packed clay with areas of...

Sully's Hill Mountain Bike Trail
Devils Lake, North Dakota
This network has many miles of trails which pass through areas varying from open prairie to thick forest all set upon a very hilly terrain. Some of the network is well groomed and marked as it is used by snowmobilers in the winter while some areas require a free hand to push branches out of your face. There are many hills which provide opportunity for long and fast descents and slow and painful...

Lake Metigoshe State Park Mountain Bike Trail
Bottineau, North Dakota
A perfect example of nice cc ski trails making not-so-nice bike trails. Only worth unloading the knobbies if you are satisfied with riding ultra wide mowed lawns through pretend mountains.

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