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Nevada City, California

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Old Flume Trail/south Yuba Trail Mountain Bike Trail
Nevada City, California
This for advanced riders. Sweet singletrack with about a mile of very dire hike for about a mile in the middle. the middle could be cleaned if a mistake did not lead to fall to river below. I have 500 miles down Downivlle downhill and this one had me sweating in a couple of places.

South Yuba Trail Mountain Bike Trail
Nevada City, California
This is ADVANCED!We bought a map there. Ride out of town on Releif Road (gravel) Drop dpwn Missiouri Bar trail(ripping single track)Right at the river on to South Yuba Trail only a few feet above the river. Wil become hundereds feet above river.At Edwards Crossing go right on North Bloomfield to Rim Trail.Left on Rim which will loop back to North Bloomfield.then left back to Malakoff Digging.

Hallelujah Mountain Bike Trail
Nevada City, California
Get map at Harmony Ridge Market. About 12+ miles up Pioneer Trail at Skillman where ya would jog across the fire trail just keep going up gravel road to the right about a mile. Trail head with a marker no motorcycles is on your right, head east along ridge for about a mile. Where ya drop into a valley with some fast/loose downhilling then a short climb to a wye, Take your pick back to Pioneer...

Meyers Trail Mountain Bike Trail
Nevada City, California
2.2 miles up Pioneer Trail is a Wye which you will only find with the Trail map from Harmony Ridge Market. Drop down Meyers trail to Rock Creek fire road climb less tha 1.5 miles to Pfeiffer Trail turn right climb back to Pioneer Trail then go up or down.

Pfeiffer Mountain Bike Trail
Nevada City, California
Park at Harmony Ridge Market parking. Please thank Mark and Sara for letting us park. they also have a great local area map for sale. Head east on Pioneer trail at about 2.5 miles cross Conservation road. Trail will Wye and you stay left into valley for two miles and then climb out. this is a great aside to Pioneer.

Rock Creek Nature Trail Mountain Bike Trail
Nevada City, California
This is a side trip off of Pioneer Trail, off Pioneer take Meyers or Phiferr or conservation road. Turn west on gravel road where there is a sign saying nature trail. Drop down gravel road-----Can not miss it. It was just jaw dropping, pretty, yes I said PRETTY! When your done gawking head west again for about mile of climbing on gravel/bad road. Cross hwy 20 for some single track back east to the...

Nature Trail Mountain Bike Trail
Nevada City, California
Head East on Pioneer Trail at about 3 miles cross Conservation Road there is a Wye on other side of the road. Head down Pfieffer trail about 2 miles there is a sign to cross the road. Go down Rock Creek gravel road 1 mile, at the bottom Nature trail winds 1ish mile through a Micro Climate. Retrace you tracks

North Bloomfield Mountain Bike Trail
Nevada City, California
Ride starts at 3500 feet and heads north along the Pioneer Trail which rolls along sometimes close to hwy 20. Rolling is the word, rarely will the rider find themselves, not either descending or climbing. This part of Pioneer Trail is suitable for beginners with enough challenge for the advanced rider.At 3 about MILES and 4000 feet, cross Conservation Road, where the trail will Wye, head down...

Round Mountain Mountain Bike Trail
Nevada City, California
Check the google map.

Pioneer Trail Mountain Bike Trail
Nevada City, California
Trail starts between market and the hwy. Small signs on the trees show the way. Cross the road at about seven miles and leave it behind now it gets even better. A roller coaster that has everything, rocks, roots, root drops, baby heads, hard pack, soft dirt, humose, short climbs, G-outs, walls, berms, jumps. We have only been 16 miles out passed where it crosses the road again. We have been told...

Pioneer Trail
Nevada City, California
The Pioneer Trail is actually two trail, Lower and Upper, that flank Highway 20 just inside the boundary of the Tahoe National Forest. The trail consists of singletrack that at times widens to doubletrack, that gradually climbs and descends through a dense forest of pine and oak. It looks pretty and it smells good too.

Missouri Bar / South Yuba Loop
Nevada City, California
This ride has a little bit of everything: lots of great singletrack, including the awesome and scenic South Yuba Trail, a 1,200' descent to the river on the Missouri Bar Trail, epic swimming holes, and a stop at the restored gold-mining town of North Bloomfield and the hydraulic diggings at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park.

South Yuba Loop
Nevada City, California
Ugh...this ride kicked my butt...literally. I'm sitting here typing this on a Friday night with four abrasions, one lacerations (six stitches) and poison oak. I tipped over the wrong way somewhere between pics 9 and 10. I fell down the hill and head first into a fallon over tree. I'm not kidding when I say that I really think my helmet saved my life. Scared the crap out of me. I now worship my...

Alta, California
BURLINGTON CAMPGROUND Trail Reviews - MTBR.coms trail reviews is the leading resource of quality trail reviews and legal off pavement cycling information written by the most hard-core mountain bikers on the Internet.

Nevada City, California
I like to start at the Harmony Ridge Store. There are plenty of parking spots here and the store welcomes mountain bikers. The Lone Grave Trail is rather new and is on U.S.F.S. land. It starts right past the 5-mile house. It's rather easy to find. The single-track trail runs parallel with the highway and heads east on the south side of HWY 20.  Follow the Lone Grave Trail for about 1.9 miles where...

Pioneer Trail
Emigrant Gap, California
Nice twenty mile banger. Trail begins with 5-6 miles gentle upslope that abutts highway 20. Not very technical but fast and fun. Cross Hwy 20 at mile 5.8 for 4.5 miles of sinlge track that runs ajacent to an old drainage canal or flume. Some good views and a nice change of pace. Once you reach Skillman Campground start back. Probably about 1000 feet in elevation change that begins at about 3,400...

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