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Silver Mountain in Kellogg Idaho
Coffeyville, Kansas
Ride the worlds longest gondola to access 4000 vertical feet of some of the best trails in the inland NW. Trails are well marked and are suited for DH bikes as well as several trails for the XC enthusiast. Currently the resort is in the process of expanding their trail network in order to become a major fat tire destination. Not too much here for the beginner rider as the vertical is just too...

Camp Horizon Mountain Bike Trail
Arkansas City, Kansas
Excellent singletrack along the Arkansas River at a church camp. Great combination of flowing track, technical rocky areas, and some drops. Some tight and twisty too. The trail drops down to the river, and then you eventually climb back out. There are some new miles of trail here, built within the last 1 to 2 years. The trail is well marked, with several easy-outs returning you to the...

23th. Street Bicycle Dumps
Pittsburg, Kansas
The trails run through woods. This area was abanden coal mine, and trails run through overburden pile. Lots of tree roots, small fast hills, and twist and turns. How to get there: From Broadway St. go east on 23St.Trails start on north side of street just before railroad.

Big Hill
Parsons, Kansas
Trail runs aroud Big Hill Lake. Mostly woods with a little praire. Lots of deep hollows, tree roots and rocks. Trail in places twist and turns. Trail is shared by equestrian users. How to get there: Go west from Parsons on OLD hiway 160. Trun left right before coming to Big Hill Creek. Trail head is 1/4 mile up the dirt road.

Boeing Hills
Wichita, Kansas
A fun trail located in the city. The trails are shared with motorcycles and there are several to choose from. The trails criss cross each other with lots of twists, stream crossings, logs, and other obstacles. Ride in about three miles, then it really opens up to a bunch of trails. In the middle of summer, the trails can get loose and sandy. How to get there: Take K15 south to 47th street....

Camp Horizon
Arkansas City, Kansas
Horizon's Bike Trail is indeed open to the public. It is a 5.8 mile course that sits atop a bluff overlooking the Arkansas River. Expect about 95% singletrack, fast dirt roads, hair-raising ascents, fast downhills, and some rocks to navigate. Ride along a ridge overlooking the Arkansas River. Not recommended for beginers. How to get there: Horizon Center is tucked away in the beautiful...

Clinton Lake Trail
Lawrence, Kansas
There are a ton of trails here that will definitely take several trips to thoroughly explore. Some of the highlights are a swimming beach, some super fast sections, some technical short climbs and the pure abundance of prime Kansas singletrack. How to get there: From Lawrence, take HWY 10 West to Douglas County 13. Turn right and then the first left into Clinton State Park. Park in the...

Coronado Heights
Lindsborg, Kansas
Coronado Heights includes about five miles of trails beginning at the top of Corondao Heights. At the top of the hill is a castle-looking building. How to get there: Drive north from Lindborg until you get to Coronado Heights Road, turn left and head west. At the cemetery take a right a follow a semi-paved road which winds around and up to the hill. Additional Notes: Good descents,...

Cross Timber State Park
Toronto, Kansas
New trail open to bikers as of 9/28/02. Park is excited to attract mountain bikers.Beautiful and scenic, surrounding huge 2,800 acre lake. A true gem in the middle of nowhere. Singletrack is moderately challenging, with some treacherous rocky sections, along with open grassy hills. Worth a trip! How to get there: Hwy 400 and 105 from south, from the north check Yahoo Maps. About 1.5 to...

Dornwood Park
Topeka, Kansas
Trails are carved through a wooded area surrounding a large creek. The north section is fairly easy with an occasional small log to hop and some steep climbs and descents. The ride through this area is pleasant, and it can take you across a small bridge to a relatively flat area that is also easy and smooth and very conducive to speed. However, if you are looking for more technical areas, don't...

Drywood Creek/Crawford SP.
Girard, Kansas
Single track that runs around Farlington Lake. Trail runs through woods and some time follows paved road, look for the trail signs easy to mis the trail. Lots of rocks and roots. Trail is shared with hikers. How to get there: Go north of Girad on Hiway 7 for nine miles. Turn right on Hiway 227, look for the brown sign. Go two miles, go over the dam. Trail head is on the left side of road. ...

Elk City/ Eagle Rock
Independence, Kansas
Trails run along river, through praire, to wooded hillside. The river and praire trail is easy, the hill side trail is more advance. Fast and fun, lots of twist and truns. Tree roots and rocks. How to get there: Go west from Independence to Peter Pan Road. Turn north and go two miles. Turn left and go two miles. Just before the Elk City State park entrance turn right and go on Table Mound...

Fancy Creek State Park
Manhattan, Kansas
Brand New in 2001, Made Just for Mountain Bikes by State Parks Dept. This will make people think twice about saying Kansas is flat. How to get there: 25 Miles North of Manhattan on NW corner of Tuttle Creek Resevoir

Fort Leavenworth Trail
Leavenworth, Kansas
Trail starts with a moderate single track climb, and 1-2 log obstacles. Another climb and then you are on a 2-3 mile section of single and dual track. After that, a short paved climb, through Camp D'Cavagnaugh, and a rocky descent to a short dual track and then single track section. Trail continues on old dual track and singletrack to top of Hancock Hill. Follow the powerlines back to...

Holister CA
Fort Scott, Kansas
Old railroad bed. Run through praire. Pass through wood along Pawnee Creek. Trail is shared with ATVs. How to get there: Go suth of Ft. Scott on Hiway 69/7, for three and one half miles. Turn west on Hiway 39/7, and go for west for six miles. Go off on Hiway 39 for one mile, turn north and go down dirt road for two miles. Turn left and go east for one quarter mile. Look for old rail road...

Jackson Park Trail
Atchison, Kansas
This is a fairly new trail that winds through wooded areas of Jackson Park. Some sections have had pea gravel put on them recenty and will get better with use. there are a couple of small log climbs, will eventually have more things added. overall it makes for a good workout How to get there: maps to the trail are available at Reynolds bicycles located at 701 commercial st. Atchison, ks.

Kill Creek Trails
De Soto, Kansas
Kill Creek Trails follows Kill Creek Stream. The trail has some nice rocky sections and some log obstacles. The trail is pretty technical in some locations with some easier sections also. How to get there: Located on K-10 between Lawrence and De Soto. Turn south at the sign and follow the signs to Kill Creek park Entrance. Additional Notes: A nice lesser known trail to try. Watch for...

Manhattan Rriver Trail
Manhattan, Kansas
The Manhattan River Trail is flat with a few logs and many drop ins. It is a short trail but fun to go through over and over. How to get there: take highway 24 out of manhattan towards wamego, turn right, at the linear park trail entrance

Mine Land CA.
Pittsburg, Kansas
Trails run through woods in abanden coal mine, Trails run over overburden piles. Lots of rocks and tree roots. Fast, small steep hills, lots of twist and turns. ATV share the trails. How to get there: From Pittsburg go two miles east on Hiway 126. Go north on County road 260 (Lee Hurst Road). Go north two miles, turn right on County road 570, go one mile. Trails are on both side of the road....

Perry State Park
Perry, Kansas
This set of trails is carved through classic Kansas hardwood forest, and their young age shows in that there has not been as much erosion. They are cut through the bluffs and wooded hillsides surrounding the Perry Lake, offering opportunities for viewing wildlife, colorful vegetation, and fabulous lake vistas. Also, these were designed specifically as mountain bike trails so they are more fun....

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