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Del Valle East Bay Regional Park
Naalehu, Hawaii
Level fire road starting at the marina. Take fire road out of civilized area untill you hit Ridgeline. Take Ridgeline to the other section of East Shore which will take you winding out of the park towrds the dam of the lake. You can also park down at the other side of the trail by the dam for free (Arroyo Road) and work your way up. They don't like it if you park on the road and have a parking lot...

Beechworth Mountain Bike Park
Naalehu, Hawaii
Located on Alma Road, the Beechworth Mountain Bike Park is an area that is dedicated to Mountain Biking and has Cross Country Single Tracks, a Jumps Course, a Short Course Downhill and in the future will have Skills Areas and an easy Cross Country Circuit for novices of all ages.

Kincaid Park
Makaweli, Hawaii
This area is a world class crosscountry ski area in the winter. It is built over old glacial morraine. There are miles and miles of fast double track trails that go up down and all around. Nothing very technical but very fast ant fun. An interconnected maze but maps are available sometimes at the visitor center.

Aiea Loop Trail
Aiea, Hawaii
This is a loop trail running along the ridges and overlooking central Oahu. There are beautiful views of Pearl Harbor and the Halawa Valley. Start at the top next to the restrooms and go in a counter-clockwise fashion. You can turn around at the end by the campground and ride the trail in reverse. Parts of the trail are bordered by cliffs, be careful. After rains the trail is dangerous and prone...

Haleakala National Park
Kahului, Hawaii
This is a very mountainous as well as a desert area. Bring alot of water and tire patch kits. The thorns on the trails can be annoying. The singletrack is tough to beat. How to get there: From Kahului: Take Rt 37 east to Pukalani. From there take Rt 377 down to Rt 378. Rt 378 will take you into the park.

Kula Forest Reserve
Kula, Hawaii
There are a bunch of doubletrack trails as well as singletrack trails here. The best are the Waiakoa Loop which is 3 miles, the Waiakoa trail which is about 6 and the Mamane which is about 1.2 miles How to get there: Take Rt. 37 past Pukalani to rt. 377. At the end of Rt.377 is Waipoli Rd. (to Poli Poli Springs Park) About 6 miles up Waipoli Rd. at a hunter check-in station is a 4 wheeler...

Makiki Trail Complex
Honolulu, Hawaii
These great trails are part of the Honolulu Watershed Reserve. The trails are technically challenging and fun. You'll find narrow twisty singletrack with steep climbs, fast decents, rocks, roots and a few big drops to keep it interesting. The heavy vegetation keeps the trails wet almost all year. There are some dangerous cliffs and heavy vegetation can hide some obstacles. How to get...

Pearl City, Hawaii
Big fan of ascending? This is the trail for you! Straight up and straight down.Very technical and steep . This is a ridge trail at it's finest! The hills look impossible but believe me, can be ridden all the way!There is a bonus for you trail seekers: a water hole in an adjacent valley, takes about a 30 min hike to get there.Great on hot days! If you find it, return another day with a lock...

Aiea Loop Trail
Aiea, Hawaii
One of the most popular trails on Oahu. It is a loop trail which runs along the ridges overlooking central Oahu with beautiful views of Pearl Harbor and Halawa Valley. There are a few pieces of an old plane wreck about two and a half miles in. Many parts of the trail are boardered by cliffs, so care is essentail. During wet periods, the trail is dangerous and prone to erosion, so do not ride...

hauula loop trail
Laie, Hawaii
slippery rocks and roots,a little tough going up,you may have to walk a little . Awsome scenery,you go over three streams, look out to the ocean to your left,once you make it to the top you will look out over kaipapau valley. the down hill is great taken cautiously, a couple sharp turns and cliffs can put you in a real hurting. i dont reccommend riding while wet or raining but on an average day...

Kaena Point
Waialua, Hawaii
An easy, but extremely rocky and extremely beautiful 5-mile trail (10 mile out and back) that wraps around the base of a mountain. On one side of you is the mountain on the other waves crashing against the rocks. There is one washout you must hike through. There is a rope which comes in handy when you're holding a bike in one hand.Trail comes out at a lovely beach which makes for a nice dip. Then...

Kalepa Ridge Trail
Lihue, Hawaii
Single track out and back, lots of errosion and hike a bike sections.

Kalopa Native Forest State Park
Honokaa, Hawaii
Kalopa Native Forest State Park Trail Reviews - MTBR.coms trail reviews is the leading resource of quality trail reviews and legal off pavement cycling information written by the most hard-core mountain bikers on the Internet.

Kuamo'o-Nounou Trail
Kapaa, Hawaii
Mostly double track, some single track, techinical trail, rocks and exposed roots.

Kuilau Ridge Trail
Kapaa, Hawaii
Single and Double track, steep in sections

Kuliouou Ridge Trail
Honolulu, Hawaii
Lots of roots and rocks, a few carrying and pushing sections and tight switchbacks. Ride up about 2 miles to the picnic shelter and bomb down the same way you came up or do a little exploring for some better DH action!

Laie Falls
Laie, Hawaii
The trail offers a nice climb, which is doable without getting off your bike. However, the friends I rode with generally couldn't do it without stopping for air a few times. It is incredibly beautiful with views of the pacific ocean every 1/2 mile or so. The terrain is diverse. From forested areas to almost southern utah-like dry red dirt-rocks. The trail gets real narrow, sorrounded by guava...

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